Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of determining your current financial situation, identifying your financial goals, and figuring out how to get from where you are now to where you would like to be. Westco Advisory Services, Inc. provides Financial Planning for both individuals and businesses, by creating a comprehensive plan that is unique to each client's circumstances. The plan includes cash flow analysis, investment recommendations, tax planning, risk management, college planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. 

College Planning

Our goal is to have your child or grandchild attend the best college possible, while paying the least amount of money out of your own pocket. Our expertise can help you reduce this major expense. The results often mean thousands of additional dollars available.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning involves three time periods: 1) Saving for retirement during your working years, 2) Making necessary retirement decisions right before retiring, and 3) Distribution Planning which requires proper utilization of accumulated assets during retirement in order to provide the right mix of retirement income and inflation protection.

Estate Planning

We can help you accomplish two major objectives. First, help create a timely and cost efficient estate distribution plan, and second, to help minimize the reduction of your estate by federal and state taxes.

Westco Advisory Services, Inc. is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)