Life, Health, Long Term Care & Disability Insurance


Are your insurance policies doing the right job? Do you have enough coverage or do you have too much?  How do you PROPERLY calculate the amount needed?  Are you paying too much for the coverage you currently have?

Westco Agency, Inc. offers innovative and competitive policies and services from leading insurance companies.   We can help you find the policy that is designed for your best coverage.

Life Insurance and Disability Insurance:
If something happened to you today, who would support your family?  A disability insurance policy will help you to pay your bills while you are unable to work.

In case of death, a life insurance policy can provide immediate cash to replace lost income, repay debts, help educate your children and pay for burial costs.

Long Term Care Insurance:
Lets you choose where you receive care, at home or in a community setting.

Removes the burden of your care from family members.

Helps maintain your dignity, independence & quality of life.

Protects your assets for the benefit of your heirs.

Health Insurance:
Businesses can retain their employees by offering a health care plan that is either employer paid or a salary reduction plan.  Westco Agency, Inc. can help with the set-up and administration.

Fixed and Variable Annuities:
The primary advantage of a deferred annuity is deferral of income taxation on earnings until you actually take your money out.  Tax-deferral on earnings as your money grows means more income in retirment.

Auto, Homeowners, and Property & Casualty Insurance:
Are you more worried about plate glass coverage than liability coverage?  Do you have the right deductible on your policies?  Let us provide you with a review of your Property & Casualty coverage.